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Photograph of Shanarri Characters

SHANARRI represents the eight areas that are considered essential for optimum welling, which together contribute to excellent physical and emotional health.

We will be exploring these areas through a set of eight characters during lessions, assemblies and special events focusing on the need for healthy bodies and healthy minds. This will build upon our work over the last few years which includes mindfulness, yoga and Building Learning Power (BLP)

Bucket Fill-osophy

Photograph of Talk, Listen, Care Week Assembly

Being part of a large community makes the development of social skills and building of successful relationships very important. As our children are so young the areas of 'empathy' and 'respect', seeing things from someone else's point of view are often still developing. With this in mind we are continuing our BLP 'bucket fillosophy', encouraging the children to 'fill each others buckets' with love and care to help build consideration and kindness. An act of kindness is rewarded with a heart which is placed in the silver bucket in the headteacher's office. Last year around a thousand hearts were added to the bucket (that's a lot of care and acts of kindness).

Photograph of Talk, Listen, Care Week Assembly

We are all trying to be bucket fillers doing our best to make everyone feel happy and special!

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