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Foundation Stage

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In the Foundation Stage this area of learning includes counting, sorting, matching, seeking patterns, making connections, recognising relationships and working with numbers, shapes, space and measures. The children participate in counting songs, stories, rhymes, games and imaginative play, so that the children enjoy using and experimenting with numbers.

Photograph of Children Problem Solving Photograph of Children Working With Bricks Photograph of Children Working Together to Solve a Maths Problem


Key Stage 1

Photograph of Maths Numicon Photograph of Children Sequencing With Natural Products Photograph of Maths

In Key Stage 1 we aim to develop the foundations of mathematical thinking by use of language, observation and first hand experience. Therefore much of our early work is of a practical nature, related to everyday life, when the children are shopping, weighing, measuring, telling the time or handling shapes. As the children gain confidence and understanding in the use of these mathematical skills, they move on to recording their work. Emphasis is placed on mental calculations. The progress is carefully monitored in accordance with the National Curriculum. Numicom is used across the school to develop problem solving skills. Big maths sessions challenge the children to make progress with their mental mathematics and rapid recall of number facts.

Photograph of Children Measuring Distance between Potato Seeds Photograph of Children Counting Money Photograph of Children Using Bricks



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