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Goldfingers - Garden Club

To launch our garden club we held a competition to think of a name for the club and to draw a logo. Congratulations to Dylan from Nursery for thinking of such a fantastic name. Congratulations also go to Matilda in Year 2 for drawing the beautiful picture for our logo!


Goldfingers Garden Club returns with wonderful warm hoodies which are available in adults (£13.00) and childrens (£10.00). Please contact the school office if you would like to purchase a Goldfingers Garden Club Hoodie.

  • Developing the children's knowledge and understanding of nature and the environment and taking part in eco projects.
  • Extending the children's knowledge of wildlife and conservation whilst enjoying a variety of gardening topics.
  • Spearheading the work towards Goldfield acheiving an Eco Award culminating in a Green Flag over a three years period.


Goldfingers is a club for Year 1 children on Wednesday afternoons 3.15 to 4.15 pm.


Pumpkin Success!



A tiny pumpkin seed planted during Goldfingers Garden Club grew into a baby plant which was taken home to grow on the families allotment. How pleased everyone was with the pumpkin when it was harvested and now the family are enjoying roasted pumpkin & soup as well as some chunks still in the freezer! What an acheivement!

Goldfingers Garden Club are developing a new and exciting area in our Nature Trail 'Goldfield Wildlife Walk and Sculpture Park'. Please visit the Goldfield Wildlife Walk page on the website to catch up with all the latest news about the project.


Thank you for saving all of your Morrisons Gardening Vouchers and donating them to Goldfield.



We have been able to exchange them for some wonderful new animal homes!



Let's keep our eyes peeled for hedgehogs and birds that may move in.

Hip, Hip, Hooray - 'Buttercup' is awarded the first place rosette in the Apple Fayre Scarecrow Cow Competition 2013!

Goldfingers make Ruby Recycler completely out of recycled materials ready for the Apply Fayre Scarecrow in a Wheelbarrow Competition



Hip, Hip, Hooray - Goldfield is awarded the first place rosette in the Apple Fayre Scarecrow Competition 2012! 

Making Grass Heads

I wonder how these grass heads will look when their hair grows?

Autumn 2011 and the Greenfingers team make bug beds for the ground floor of the 'Bug Hotel'

With the bug beds in place it's time to make the ground floor 'as snug as a bug' by filling all the spaces with leaves and twigs!


And now that the ground floor of our 'Bug Hotel' is finished ..... 

.... it's time for an Autumn Leaf Celebration!



Summer 2011 and the Goldfingers team make a wonderful DISCOVERY!

Being true Nature Detectives the Goldfingers team set about on a hunt for ladybirds, see how many different species they could find and count the spots on their backsfound.

Spring 2011 - Our Goldfingers Team have been very busy, planting tomato seeds, potatoes and flowers, weeding, watering, feeding the birds, searching for wildlife, making paper pots, and watching the effects of spring!