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The Green Infant School


Infants' and Nursery School


Our Curriculum Intent Statement



Our aim is to provide a caring environment where each child is able:


  • To feel happy and secure; growing in self-belief and respect for each other
  • To develop a love of learning and reach their true potential
  • To learn in a caring, safe and inspiring environment where the children are at the centre of the curriculum
  • To participate in learning that is rich, creative and challenging, reflecting high expectations
  • To become a valued member of a nurturing school committed to the wellbeing of its community


Ultimately to help our children develop as confident, resilient and considerate members of society - enabling them to 'fly'




At Goldfield Infants' and Nursery School we offer a broad, balanced and creative curriculum for our children. Through our core values (or learning superpowers - co-operation, perseverance, resourcefulness, reflectiveness), it is our intent to support the development of independent learners, equipped to work collaboratively with others, sustain and evolve activities, resilient and able to reflect and adapt.


The learning starts with the child, as professionals we endeavour to craft a learning environment which nurtures their mind, body and soul to develop a happy, healthy and well-rounded member of a global community - a child who is a curious, life-long learner who can enjoy life to the full.


Our curriculum provision has been developed with a clear intent to:


  • Provide a broad and balanced programme of study that meets the needs of all of our children
  • Enable all of our children to make progress in their learning and achieve their full potential
  • Support the acquisition of skills, knowledge and vocabulary
  • Provide opportunities to reinforce, recap and practise skills and knowledge to grow in understanding and refine skills
  • Promote relationships, teamwork, safety and positive behaviours
  • Support children's spiritual, moral, social, emotional and cultural development


A Knowledge-based Curriculum

To support these aims, the curriculum in each year group at Goldfield is taught through exciting themes and topics. Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are taught using the EYFS framework with the emphasis on developing key skills, knowledge and understanding through purposeful play and exploration alongside direct teaching. The statutory National Curriculum is taught across Key Stage 1. The children's involvement is instrumental to the choice of themes and topics. Our aim is to build on prior learning and include cross-curricular links to apply and transfer learning, making it concrete. It is our role to provide opportunities beyond the children's immediate experiences, extending interest and building rich vocabulary.


Our curriculum is designed with knowledge at its heart to ensure that children develop a strong vocabulary base and understanding of the world. The curriculum promotes long-term learning and we believe that progress means knowing more and remembering more. We have developed a curriculum inspired by current research on how memory works, to ensure that children are taught in a way which they can remember the content in future years. We understand that knowledge is 'sticky' in other words, the more pupils know the easier it is for them to know more. We work in partnership with parents through curriculum newletters, leaflets and the schools website to ensure children know exactly which information is expected to be learned over the course of the topic.


One of our central aims of the curriculum is to ensure that our pupils are ready to solve problems, be curious and interested in learning. We want them to be confident to take risks with their learning, resilient and happy to learn from mistakes, keen to try new things. Our goal is for the children to develop a growth mind-set which responds to high expectations and challenge.



Implementation - Our Approach to Teaching and Learning

We have designed our curriculum to ensure coherence and connectivity so that knowledge, skills and concepts are introduced, built on over time, revisited and assessed. We believe that a well-connected curriculum will enable our children to grow intellectually, physically and emotionally. It will enable them to become increasingly knowledgeable and make sense of complex concepts that might otherwise be taught in isolation.


Our curriculum is built on four stages of pedagogy based on both research and experience:



We hook learners with memorable experiences which provide a context for learning. We believe in asking questions to find out the children's interests and spark their curiosity using interesting questions and starting points.



We believe in teaching the children facts and information which develop deeper understanding. We provide creative opportunities for practical activity (making and doing) and allow time for consolidation, supporting the retention of knowledge to long term memory.



We provide our children with imaginative scenarios enabling them to apply and adapt previously learned skills. We encourage creativity and independent thinking, while providing opportunities for collaborative working and problem solving.



We develop our environments to encourage reflective talk and shared evaluation, creating opportunities to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a variety of contexts. We celebrate and share children's successes as well as identify next steps for learning.