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Providing the foundations for lifelong physical activity-

At Goldfield Infants’ and Nursery School we have designed a Physical Education curriculum that encourages pupils to be physically active and to flourish by acquiring skills and knowledge which can be adapted to a range of different physical activities.


It is our intent at Goldfield to:

· Enable pupils to develop skills and knowledge to excel in a broad range of physical activities

· Encourage children to take part in physical activity for sustained periods of time

· Support children’s cooperation and collaboration with others, as part of a team

· Encourage fairness and equity of play to embed life-long values

· Embed an understanding of the importance of healthy, active lifestyles

· Support children’s confidence, mental health and wellbeing




We provide a PE curriculum using the scheme ‘Get Set 4 PE’ which carefully plans for progression and depth of skills through series of lessons. This is delivered by class teachers and dedicated sports leader.


In the Early Years there is a focus on fundamental movement skills. Nursery children begin to develop the foundations of movement through accessing the Physical Development strand of development matters. This is taught within the continuous provision throughout the day and through some focus activities. Reception has one PE session a week alongside the many physical opportunities during Child Initiated Learning. Children are encouraged to develop their core strength and gross motor skills to ensure that they are ready for fine motor movements.


In KS1 children take part in PE sessions a week following the Get Set 4 PE plans. In a PE session you will see:

· Consistency in routines including a introduction and warm up, skill development and plenary

· Collaboration and opportunity for partner discussion

· Opportunities for children to work independently and together

· Pupils being taught how to play fairly, creating a sense of teamwork, friendship and respect.

· An emphasis on pupils being able to achieve their personal best and build resilience.

· Opportunity for children to perform and feedback

· Subject specific vocabulary that builds on previous learning/year groups


Pupils in Year 2 take part in an inter school competition with pupils from other local primary schools. This is organised by our link secondary school.

There are opportunities for physical activity during morning and lunchtime breaks on our well-equipped school grounds. Staff will co-ordinate a range of active playground games including ‘Walk a mile’. Lunchtime and after school sports clubs are also on offer to pupils. These can include: football, tennis and gymnastics.




· Children will make good progress, and most will reach or exceed age related expectations

· All children access PE lessons regardless of ability or SEND.

· Children understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of exercise.

· Children associate sports and exercise with positive mental health, having fun and being part of a social community.

· Children demonstrate a healthy attitude to competition, showing respect for individuals, teams, officials and coaches. They understand the values and importance of fair play and being a good sportsperson.

· Children enjoy PE, develop a love of sport and seek additional extra-curricular activities.

· Participation levels in PE will be 100%.

· Children become more active during playtimes and after school.