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The Green Infant School


Infants' and Nursery School


Primary (Reception) Admissions

Applications for School Places


Applications must be made online at Online applications for Reception (current Nursery age children) opens in September 2021.


Please remember that there is a separate application process for a Reception place and having a Nursery place does not guarantee a place in Reception.


When will my child start primary school?


All primary schools offer children a full-time place at the start of the September term in the academic year of their 5th birthday. There is a short transition period of mornings only and then the children attend full time.


Please apply for a place for your child in the normal way and by the closing date.


See or contact: 0300 1234043.


Please note that attendance at a nursery does not guarantee a place in the reception class of a school. You must make a new application for a place in a reception class even if your child is currently attending the school's nursery class. Every year some children who have been allocated a place in a school's nursery class fail to get a place in the reception class. This is because there are more applications for reception places than nursery places, and all schools must ensure that their admission arrangements do not discriminate against families who were unable to take up a place in the nursery class or, for example, move into an area after nursery places have been allocated.