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The Green Infant School


Infants' and Nursery School


Workshops/Curriculum Meetings

Regular workshops are held with a focus on subjects such as reading/phonics, mathematics and computing.


Mathematical workshops are held for parents of children in all Year groups. Parents enjoy learning first hand about the teaching strategies used in the daily mathematics lessons and the use of resources such as Numicon to reinforce mathematical concepts. We are fortunate to have a County recognised Leading Maths teacher on our staff, who leads the workshops.


The objectives of these sessions are as follows:-


  • To inform parents of the structure of the daily mathematics lesson.
  • To share some of the approaches used when teaching the children.
  • To share some of the resources used within the daily mathematics lesson.
  • To discuss ways in which parents can support their children.


The computing workshops have three main objectives:-


  • To support parents in keeping their children safe online.
  • To familiarise parents with the computing curriculum, software and equipment in school. 
  • To show parents ways in which they can help their children at home.
    For example, they are given addresses for a number of good websites.


During our phonic and reading workshops parents are given tasks which not only demonstrate the strategies that are used to develop children’s reading and writing skills but also give parents a real insight into how young children learn.


Resources are shown to parents and strategies discussed to help them support their children at home. The feedback from these workshops, as for the others, is very positive.