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The Green Infant School


Infants' and Nursery School


Year 1 Parent Partners Programme


  • Find out about the curriculum
  • Discover ways to support your child as they develop their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Support the transition to Year 1

‘Parent Partners’ is a project that we will be running at the beginning of the Autumn Term in Year 1. It will provide the opportunity to work alongside your child during 2 mornings over 2 weeks.
The aim of the programme is to give you a taste of your child's day and some insight into how the children learn in the school environment.


You will be able to observe a typical teaching sessions and participate in activities with
your child. There will also be some time allocated to discussing the session, along with other ways to support learning, without the children present. This will enable you to ask any questions about the way in which the children learn and the strategies we use.



You will also have an opportunity to discuss questions such as:


  • How can I support my child with reading?
  • What is guided reading?
  • How can I help improve my child's confidence with numbers?

It is important to attend both sessions to experience progression in teaching and gain a range of ideas to support learning at home. This will lead to the development of successful, confident learners who experience true partnership between home and school.

The morning will have a clear focus and specific objectives which are set by the class teacher and is not an opportunity to discuss your child's progress. If you wish to do this, please make a separate appointment with your child's teacher.

There will also be a parent consultation evening later in the term.

Please scroll down to view a selection of photographs taken at the first Parent Partnership session